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Diabetes friendly workout gear

About a year ago I started to really change my outlook on exercise. Instead of pushing myself to the limit, often with an associated blood sugar drop, overcorrect and eventual spike, I focused on just moving my body, being outside, and finding joy in this carved out "me time". My friend from high school is always posting about his "serotonin walks" and I love that term -- it's exactly how I feel as I set out on my almost-daily four-mile walk.

To encourage me to keep up this good habit I tried out a bunch of different workout clothes and accessories, in an attempt to find the ones that best fit all my diabetes devices! Today I've rounded up the winners of my experiment, and it's clear: pockets are non-negotiable!

I've posted about these biker shorts before because they are just so great. I actually have them in two colors, and they have gone through countless washing machine cycles.

I was extremely hesitant to purchase a treadmill because the thought of walking and getting nowhere just isn't super appealing to me. However, with the number of meetings on my calendar plus mom duties, an outside walk just isn't always feasible. I looked on Facebook marketplace but I didn't find any great deals and I wasn't looking forward to coordinating transportation for such a big item. I found this one on Amazon for close to the same price as the FB marketplace options, plus it came with free delivery and had a ton of great reviews. I will say this model is very basic, but it does have a small shelf that perfectly holds my laptop in place making walking during meetings a cinch.

Ok fine, this bra and these no-show socks aren't specifically for people with diabetes, but honestly they are just too good not to share!

I have been adding just a spoonful of this spirulina powder to my smoothies and it makes me feel so good! It's also only 1 carb per serving!

These shorts are a "dupe" for another popular brand but way more affordable! I love the lightweight material, the zippered pocket for diabetes equipment and all the color options!

If your climate caters more toward workout pants, these leggings and joggers are both amazing! I have another set of both in my cart right now because I actually love just wearing the joggers around the house. Both have great pockets and a high-waist which just feels awesome on this T1 body!

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