Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Warp Drive

Last weekend, the starship "Expedition" (read: Ford, Expedition) set out on a course to chart the newly discovered Gamma quadrant (read: New Orleans) and planned shore leave for Captain Chris's birthday! Lieutenant Zara (chief of security) happily tagged along, enjoying the sounds and the tastes! Commander April (ship's counselor) loved seeing the unique architecture and watching Captain Chris experience his high performance birthday present!
A spontaneous marching band parade captured Lieutenant Zara's attention, and, in true New Orleans fashion, she was chosen for a set of "beads" (no flashing required ;-). 

The left picture is titled "Lambo-baby" around these parts. Captain Chris was so dang proud
seeing her in the bonnet of a supercar!

New Orleans is about a six hour drive from Houston, and thankfully Zara snoozed most of the way there and back. I had my first taste of the famous "beignet" (yummmm), and Chris hopped in the driver's seat of a Lamborghini and Ferrari. It was a fun 36 hour-or-so trip!