Monday, February 20, 2017

1 Year of Mom-ing

Well, I've officially been mom-ing (let's be honest, "mom" should definitely be a verb!) for an entire year now! My little baby Zara has transitioned from life measured in months to life measured in years - and thank goodness for that, since this mom brain is no good at keeping up with numbers of months above 12. Chris and I celebrated with a glass of champagne for managing to keep her alive a whole year - a task that seemed incredibly daunting a year ago (ok, some days it still feels daunting). And the rest of our family and friends wrote letters that will be opened on her 18th birthday. While I don't want to wish the next 17 years away, I can't wait to read those letters!!

So, what do you do for a 1-year old's birthday? All the things she loves - playing in her PJs, cuddling with grandma, going for a walk to the park, swing time, brisket dinner, cake, a bath, and new toys!