Monday, May 23, 2016

It's the weekend, baby

Weekends are so much different now. 
Instead of making a list of places to go and things to do, I just want to sit at home with my new family - Mr. Blackwell and Zara are the only things on my mind. 
Chris and I love to bring Zara down in the morning and just play with her on our bed. She flashes the most smiles in the morning and this precious time is so relaxing to me. We tickle her tiny feet and move her arms in dancing motions! She smiles and laughs back at us, a fun little conversation with no words! 

She also loves to sit outside and watch the dogs play. Sometimes we sit on the lawn and practice holding little blades of grass or smell the growing plants - she makes the funniest face when I make her smell basal! This little girl is constantly looking around and loves to learn about her world. I tell her all about the garden or show her what I'm cooking for dinner or take her on walks - she just stares upwards as the trees roll by. 

Chris and I love her so crazy much.