Wednesday, August 12, 2015

RDT (Random Diabetes Thought)

I guess it's "whatever Wednesday". Oh boy.

I woke up this morning in a panicked sweat, around 2:30 am I was low and stumbled to the frig to swig some orange juice. After climbing back in bed, I saw my number turn the corner in the upward direction and decided it was ok to go back to sleep. Half an hour later I woke up in a complete panic, I had just dreamed about the most amazingly delicious Wendy's hamburger (I don't even really like Wendy's, or hamburgers) and freaked out because I "forgot to bolus for it". It literally took me a good 5 minutes after waking up to realize that I indeed had not sleep-drove to Wendy's, nor did I sleep-eat a juicy hamburger, nor-mostly did I miss a quite hefty carb count and bolus.

It was a Diabetic nightmare. Any one else have those or am I just absolutely off my rocker??!?!