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Getting Personal

If you know how much I enjoy naps...

When Chris and I first announced our plans to move to Houston we were met, several times, with the cliche "Well, it will either make you or break you" mantra.

Ughhh...I was so sick of hearing that.

And as I look back at these last eight months together, in Houston, on our own (well, a lot more "on our own" than in Huntsville), I'm thankful that I didn't listen too closely to the make-it-or-break-its. Instead of focusing on the difficulty of moving and wondering if our relationship could weather the storm, we set our sights on an exciting job and building our life in a new city. I really feel like we have made it....together, and our relationship has blossomed.

Moving away from the familiar and relying solely on each other has forced us to be vocal about our thoughts and feelings. We have become more deliberate about asking if the other is doing ok, or needs help with something. I think we have become better at expressing our appreciation for each other, and when you feel appreciated, it makes doing all the crappy-no-fun jobs a lot more palatable.

Since I'm no longer traveling for work, I have found the time to organize our married life better - we now have an up-to-date filing cabinet system, we finally combined finances (for the most part), our closet is organized and useful, we have purged unneeded items on almost a weekly basis, and we have decided on goals for various aspects of our marriage. Honestly, moving to Texas, moving in general, has been such an amazing experience. We no longer feel like two roommates coming and going all the time like we did in Huntsville.

We are united - we make a point to go everywhere and do everything together, because even though I'm not traveling, we still have strains. Chris works late most nights and he is finishing up his Master's degree, so our time together is still precious. We have been able to dedicate more time to spending "family" time with the dogs, going on walks or going to the lake behind our house to fish. We have found a church that we really enjoy and we go down to Galveston every other week or so to relax. We've also had fun setting up our dream house together, and recently, making room for the RX-7 to come this summer!

If you had asked me last summer what I thought our lives would look like in a year I probably would have mentioned "looking for a house" or "being annoyed at the traffic" (ok, still guilty on that one) or "wishing everything would just calm down". But here we are, not even a year since moving, and I am calm about the whole thing. So far, everything has worked out...sure, not everything is perfect (hello possible hurricanes), but nothing ever is.

We can't wait to see what else Houston has in store for us, and are so thankful for all of the love and encouragement and visits from all of our family and friends!!!


  1. What a nice post. Congrats and so happy to hear the last year has been a positive one!


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