Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday With a View

Recently, a space launch company called Space-X delivered their cargo vehicle, Dragon, to the International Space Station. Onboard was a project by the European Space Agency which included a high definition Earth-viewing camera system. They just activated the system a couple days ago and the views are breathtaking. You really should check it out, it's 100% live feed of what the space station is seeing the minute you click over here! Be sure to pull up the ISS tracker site here, on a second tab so you can see if the ISS is currently in darkness or not! Sometimes you may see an all black view, this is likely due to the ISS being in darkness, and sometimes you may see a gray view, this is most likely a Loss of Signal (LOS) and the picture will be back shortly. If you can catch a sunrise, which only takes a couple minutes, you won't be sorry!!!

Happy Friday!