Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Amazing Mr. Blackwell

Have I told you about my husband?
He's pretty cool. 
Even if chicken stir-fry is his go-to meal every night. 
At least he cooks!

This weekend was exhausting. 
We cleaned every inch of our apartment and turned in the keys. 
Then we tried out this juice cleanse thing, yikes. 
And, we are trying to deal with all of our junk before some friends come this weekend. 

On top of all that, Chris let me take an extra long nap on Sunday after church.
And while I was napping he did all of this, including the trip to Home Depot:

The garage looks amazing!
Yesterday he took my car to the shop (someone hit it in the parking lot at work), 
and programmed our new garage door openers as well as the automatic ones in my car. 

I don't give him enough credit on this here blog, 
but have no doubt, he is amazing!

I love you Mr. Blackwell!