Monday, July 8, 2013

Greetings from... new workplace.

Wow! I can't believe today was my first day already. And since I am dazed, confused, zapped up,  gravitationally inclined, shocked, awed, amazed, determined, and vertically challenged, all I've got is the bullets tonight.

  • Yes, I will be a Mission Controller (assuming I pass the training period [18 months holy crap]), but no, I will not be the one on the other side of "Houston, we've got a problem". That's the CAPCOM, duh. 
  • Johnson Space Center is significantly less spread out than Marshall (or in general, Redstone Arsenal where I used to work). In fact, I live out in the suburbs, but it takes the same amount of time to get to work as when I lived right outside the gate in Huntsville. And.....I'm OK with that. 
  • Don't fear! I have located Fry's Electronics, Goodwill and the Apple Store already, in that order. 
  • Also, I'm still working on the whole wearing-dresses-to-work-everyday thing, so far I'm one for one, but its a challenge for this less-than-girly, girl. 
  • NASA does some cool shit, and now I get to be a part of it. Tomorrow I am "watching" the EVA from the back room. Check it out on NASA TV ( 
  • I start Flight Controller Boot Camp in a couple weeks, write me?
That's all for tonight! If you have any questions about NASA or my new job or wiener dogs ('cause I'm an expert there too), type up a little comment and send it to me. I would love to write a post with more details, I'm just not sure who my audience is anymore.