Monday, June 3, 2013

Inverted A-OK, a year later

Mr. Blackwell and I are two lucky son-of-a-guns.

I have heard marriage compared to a roller-coaster at times, but we are nerds, so home-built experimental aerobatics it is!

We finally cashed in on one of our wedding presents (yes, almost a year later) two weekends ago. One of my co-workers, an experimental test pilot named Carey, offered to give us a spin in the fully aerobatic plane he built. So we met him out at the airfield on Memorial Day for the ride of our lives.

He promised to do whatever we wanted, and proved it by providing the airsickness bags just in turns out Mr. Blackwell and I both have pretty tough stomachs. 

Carey's RV-7 aircraft is rated up to 6 G's - Mr. Blackwell got to 4.5 G's and I got to 5.2 G's. For the record (and my poor memory), we did sustained inverted flight, hammer heads, aileron rolls, loops, Cuban 8's, and a max G takeoff with a roll.

Oh yes, and I have the Go-Pro video to prove it.

We have been so blessed throughout this first year of marriage, in what we have learned and what we have been able to experience together. 

I love you Mr. Blackwell, and thank you Carey, for the unforgettable wedding present!