Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nerdy Nibbles: Baja Chicken Pizza

One of my new favorite pizzas in the whole-wide world is the Baja Chicken pizza from Pie in the Sky (it helps that the whole restaurant is space-themed!). I have no idea how many gooey, yummy, delicious calories are in said pie, but I'm sure its A.LOT. So, Chris and I decided to make our own version, somewhat more healthy, and fun to make! You should try it!

(Side note: while I was out of town Chris purchased a bag of those Flat Out bread things from Costco, not realizing how many were actually in it, so I threw 2/3 bags in the freezer and we had to figure out something to do with our overflowing abundance of Flat Outs, hence Baja Chicken pizza, ok, the end.)

Here's what you need and the associated calories, keep in mind I had 1/2 of my pizza that night and saved the other half for lunch the next day, so cut the calories in half and its not that bad (its better than real pizza!):