Monday, August 20, 2012

The Wedding Details!

As I am in a rush to run out the door to Colorado, I thought I would upload some of my favorite "details" shots from our wedding!

The dress: bought it off the rack. The only alteration? Making it shorter ;-) 
The sweet note Chris sent me before the ceremony!

Love those socks...and the airplane cufflinks.

The gorgeous arrangements my mom made! I can't believe she just "whips this out"!!!

Of course, we had to have some bells. They are the best bellchoir in Huntsville!

Me in the dress! I know, shocking, April in a dress. 

Yup, mom made these bouquets too!

The purple shoes hid under the dress!

The boys, messing up their tuxes since 2012. 

Kissy on the moon? OK. 

The rings, me likey!

Guest book table, apparently our hostesses had fun wrangling people over to sign!

Our JDRF donation notes. This was one of those things I had planned  for my wedding pretty much since I was diagnosed. 

The famous (or maybe infamous), rocket glasses!

The tiny cake. Who needs to spend tons of money on something that is gone in a matter of minutes anyway?!

And yes, we had plenty of nerdy quotes around.