Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympics: Animal Style

Our animals are very inspired by the 2012 summer Olympics. They have been perfecting their sports...

Izzy practices her WEIGHT LIFTING up the stairs:

Al Shepherd is pretty good at BOXING:

But Gordo Cooper takes the gold:
Wow, our room is messy when we remodel!!

Gordo, its "BADMINTON", not "BAD-KITTEN":

I don't think Izzy quite understands the SHOT-PUT. As is, her legs are SHOT, and she stays PUT.

 Gordo, stop making fun of the Siamese cats...

 Gordo practices for the HIGH JUMP. Yes, that is the refrigerator!

Izzy expands her lung capacity on the top of Mount Laundry:

All three are pretty good at SYNCHRONIZED SNOOZING:

Happy Monday!