Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pre-Wedding De-Stresser

Chris and I decided a long time ago that it might be nice to "get-away" the weekend before our wedding. I guess that may sound weird, but weddings are stressful, preparations are stressful, and sometimes its good to just get back to the just spend time with that amazing guy who is about to promise his love to you!

So, when the community band I play in decided to make a 20th anniversary trip to Chattanooga, TN the weekend before our wedding we didn't think twice. I quickly cashed in my mountains of Marriott points to get us a hotel steps from the river and aquarium.

The view from our hotel room!

One of Chris's favorite places...the aquarium!
The crowd gathering for our concert which included favorites like "Under the Sea" and "Good 'ol Rocky Top".

Chris with one of his least favorite fish...of the cat variety.

We thought these toys had a strange resemblance to us...a blond boy and a brunette girl with a purple wetsuit of course ;-)