Monday, February 27, 2012

Loving Life

Spring is trying to break out around here...

The "F" decided to re-locate some of our crazy flowering bulbs this year in an attempt to leave the new sod at peace. I came home from work one night (it was dark already) and there he was on his hands and knees replanting bulb-by-bulb ever so carefully. He was a lot more careful than I would have been - evidenced by the post-replanting blooming of several bulbs!

We have been trying to soak in all the hints of spring popping up...the dogwood blossoms, the ever-so-slightly warmer air, clear days and pretty stars. Sometimes we throw the top down in the Miata and drive around in the cool night air with the heater going full blast just to marvel at the spectacular stars, and to have some time to ourselves, to converse with a calm focus. 

It is these little moments that make you count all of your blessings...when you are so full of love for life...when you catch a little break. 

Happy February everyone!!