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Marriage Advice

Marriage Advice….it’s free, and flowing immediately after you utter the words “engaged”.
Maybe you already know this.
 I, personally, had no idea.
And thus, if all I had to go on was this free-flowing, all-knowing “advice” I would have nightmares about death, doom, destruction, honey-do lists, bleach, in-laws, in-mates, booze, Hooters, football, car parts, “bro’s”, “ho’s”, Mexican food, X-Box, guns, dogs, alligators, the cabin, the cabin filled with “bro’s”, the cabin filled with “bro’s” and guns, drinking games, and man-time with nerdy shows like The Big Band Theory and CSPAN.
Oh wait, that’s the exact same list I came up with before moving to Alabama.


Luckily Chris and I have many great role models who have evidently prevailed through the cliché ball and chain. Heck my entire division at work is a model for marital success (that’s right, I’m the only single lady, and only lady for that matter). Many of them even survived a marriage with the military involved, which, from the little I know, sounds rough. Even now their wives trust them flying experimental helicopters, or (in the case of the engineers) smacking  away on their TI-89s (which can be dangerous too).
We both have family that can boast 50+ years of wedded bliss, and our peer role models, Holly and Trey, Nate and Tobie, and Megan and Jay!
So this brings me to a little pre-marriage pondering...what is with all these people jokingly (and sometimes not so jokingly) telling us we are stupid to get married? After establishing that we are young and stupid they proceed to paint a terrible picture of married life, mentioning many of those keywords I stated above. And the very last thing they say, "You better make sure you have done all the crazy things you want because once you get married those days are over." 

So, sorry un-asked-for-advice-givers, we are getting married, we will probably still do crazy things (autocross anyone?), and hopefully we will live happily ever after!!


  1. Donna & Will completed 32 years in 2011, and were on a date tonite: Monty Python's Holy Grail, with Cold BEER & Hot Popcorn, first had dinner at home with 90 YO Millie & 92 YO Margie!
    This after last Wednesday eve, when we prepped, cooked & served heavy Hors Dovers for over 100 folks at our clubhouse, including 3 BU of OYSTERS (with a schucker) & tons of great nibbledies, including ChareauBriand, Leg a Lamb & 250 of Donna's Spinach balls. Marriage works for us, as partners in life!

  2. Awww, thanks for calling us your peer role models. I have no idea if we're doing a good job at this whole marriage thing, but I know what we're doing works for us. But definitely having good examples helps!

    I remember all those "doomsday" advice-givers, but I was honestly surprised when marriage turned out to be so great! I think that's what surprised me most after going through the Marriage 101 class at church and all the "You're too young!" speeches--marriage is SO worth it and SO fun! And yeah, sometimes it's hard, but I think the best "advice" I can give is to laugh everyday. Seriously, you have to have fun and not let the world tell you how serious marriage is. For the most part, marriage is such a blessing and the icing on the cake of life. Especially in those first few days, weeks, months because marriage is like the best amusement park/candy store/Christmas all rolled into one!

    Oh, and keep juice and cookies by the bedside table. Trust me on this one. ;-)

  3. You will live happily ever after. So happy for you. Miss seeing you.


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