Thursday, September 1, 2011

When Me and D Agree

Wow, that was a lot of rhyming!

Sometimes life is weird, and while you try and try and try to explain why things happen, there really is just no logical explanation. For instance...

Let's combine the following things:

1) Lots of metal rotating parts
2) Engines
3) Flight Controls
4) Jet fuel
5) A couple of competent pilots
6) A beautiful summer day
7) A banana [for low blood sugar]
8) Several agressive helicopter maneuvers
9) A little flight test engineer
10) And her friend, D

It doesn't exactly sound like a recipe for a smooth, all-day flying escapade, does it? Yesterday was my very first flight in a Black Hawk helicopter, and I am happy to report that for once in my life, Me and D Agree. We have both found our happy place...

 Me: in the back of a pretty sweet helicopter, and D: at a rock solid "97". Woot. I would call that mission complete!

This post is my entry for Diabetes Art Day! I think it is a fitting reminder that we can do anything we put our minds to!!