Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nerdy April Hits Up the CO

The whole reason for that pitiful last post is because I am in Colorado for a couple weeks helping out one of our helicopter programs. Its been cold, fun, tiring, exciting, interesting, sometimes boring, and entirely beautiful. We are kinda in the middle of nowhere, which accounts for the tree hugging hippies, the less-than-stellar hotel accommodations, and the deer population in the down town area. Nevertheless, I can say nothing bad about this here scenery (click to make it big, it's even better ;-):

Tonight, after a long day at work I decided to get some fresh air. This entailed rolling my windows down, rocking out to some Jimmy Buffet and driving the curvy road up to the Cottonwood Pass, home of the Continental Divide. If you can't quite see in my picture, the elevation is listed at 12,126 ft.

Turns out it is a little windy up thuurrrr in the atmosphere! You can tell by my crappy self-pic, I could feel the dirt hitting my teeth as I took it!

I may decide to write more about our helicopter adventures later, but for now hopefully these beautiful pictures of the never-ending gorgeousness will suffice.