Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Relaxing Weekend!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. Chris and I got in some great quality time since we both start school today! Unfortunately, his classes are from 5-7pm each night which means we won't be seeing much of each other all summer. [Mine are online!] If all goes well, he will be a REAL engineer by the end of the summer, so proud of you babe ;-)

On Saturday I worked a little and Chris headed down to Birmingham to SCUBA dive with the boy scouts he has been training, then we caught a movie with one of his friends. [The Hangover 2...whoa.]

Sunday we helped Pam with her tornado house some more. It really feels never-ending. Then we had some lounging time with Chris's mom and brother.

Yesterday we headed to downtown Madison, where I played in the Madison Community Band for a Memorial Day service. I love serving my community, even in such a small way. Then Chris and I went thrifting, worked on the house and had our own little cookout [turkey burger wraps and grilled pineapple, yummmm]!!!!!

Hooray for relaxing weekends!!!