Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its My B.

I know, I's been sparse b.

I finally have the time to blog tonight and my mind is just blank. Well, not totally blank, it's thinking about all the things I should be my entire house (wow, I'm in my room right now and it's a complete disaster zone), washing dishes, doing laundry, starting my 2 research papers, getting Izzy's nails trimmed, paying the bills, organizing the office, learning how to use the drill better, you know...just tons of stuff. I'm sorta stuck in this lack-of-motivation-station. My day at work probably didn't help. And after a day like that all my body is capable of doing is coming home, chillin with the wiener dog and Gordo, making oatmeal for dinner, popping open a diet mountain dew code red, watching the big bang theory, taking a shower and snuggling into bed with my brand new Nook to finish my book.....just a small escape from the sometimes crazy goings on around me.

And what is the purpose of this blog post? Well, nothing really, I'm tired of thinking of purposes, and results, and conclusions and wording ... its just an update, for all those who care...I'm still alive.

Nerdy April Out.