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The New House Super Post!!

It's been a long time a'comin...believe me, the mess that is moving has stretched on for what seems like months...(oh wait, it actually has!). So without further ado, here are some pics of our humble abode (which I'm super proud of by the way ;-).

The entry-way faux fireplace was something that really caught my interest upon initial investigation of the house. Yes, it doesn't actually burn anything, but it makes the entry way so cozy and inviting. Also, a great place to show off seasonal decorations, and my very own little piano!

[click on pictures to make them bigger!!]

Here's another shot of said piano ;-) Just disregard the diet Mountain Dew Code Red and the box of Diabetes supplies!

Another great feature of our house is the dining room. Back in Arizona, we didn't seem to have many formal dining rooms; they were more "great rooms". But here in the south where you are supposed to be able to cook, the formal dining room is a must. Me and the BF have decided to just use it everyday, whether my cooking sucks or not (usually it sucks alloottt).

Also, it should be noted that the BF replaced the original horrible light fixture, with this fancy shmancy chandy (which his mom gave us via her cousin).

Original light fixture:

Honestly, the kitchen doesn't look much different, just more "lived in", haha. Although we did purchase a $28 microwave. A real cook would make wonderful dinners just using the great stove and ovens, however, I am not a real cook. I need the crutch that is the microwave (it hides behind the fridge in shame).

However, the original sink faucet was horrible. As in, it didn't really reach much of the sink at all = very difficult to clean ANYTHING. So, the BF replaced it with this beauty which I love, love, LOVE!!!

Simple changes include adding a mirror in the hall bath (which is like the tiniest bathroom everrrr) and a little decor in the guest bath.

Of course what would be a guest bedroom without the bed?! So, Chris's mom gave him his old bedroom suite (side note: in Arizona we just called them bedroom sets, but here the term is bedroom suite, not pronounced "sweet", but rather, "suit"). I think it looks pretty nice! It's all ready for my parents to come in a couple weeks!!

Across from the guest bedroom is a little hall closet, currently the unorganized home of my M&M collection...

By far the biggest change has been in the office. Now, the office is actually half of what I like to call the "double room" upstairs. And it just so happens a few weeks ago I was vacuuming (you know, like my favorite thing to do...not!) and felt a part of the floor that didn't feel like there was actually floor beneath it. Come to find out it was an air vent that hadn't been cut out after the new carpet was installed. Boring, boring...but then the BF called me in, his voice a high-pitched squeal. "April, look what I found!!"...and indeed he had found something, the original hardwood floors underneath the carpet. This was the real stuff from the 1960s, so in a daring move we pulled up the carpet just in the office half and have been pleasantly pleased ever since! The end, ok, not really, it just seemed like the end to a cute story!

(Sorry, I don't have any great before pics)

And here are the closets...there are so many!!!!!!!!!!

The master bedroom also got a little face lift...and will soon receive some fresh paint (when I finally get some time). But I painted those nifty thrift store lamps...aren't they cute?! I spy an Izzy!!

Finally, Chris's favorite room (and the room most people comment on) got some much needed furniture courtesy of crazy man in a double wide and target. Oh, don't forget the zen garden from the Dollar Tree...we go all out!

Oh, I almost forgot, we got a new back door!!! It is another one of my absolute favorite additions!!

So, if anyone wants to come visit, you are more than welcome!! As long as you are ok with a wiener dog licking you ;-)


  1. I love it, April! I can't wait to come visit! And I love weiner dogs! ;-) When's the house-warming party?

  2. Bazinga!
    Love it, the place is awesome, the kitchen, mui bueno, Can't wait to see it.

    You missed the Blues Downtown!

  3. So, when's the Stock The Bar party?



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