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The job and a note about my G. Merv

Hi Blogger World. (wow, I almost just typed, "Booger World"...thank you spell check!) I am excited to announce that my recent trip to Huntsville was successful, in that I got a job! Hurray! Come January I will be working in the Army Flight Test Directorate as a Flight Test Engineer. While I don't know all of the specifics yet, I have been told that I will be flying on helicopters, or in a chase plane, helping to determine tests and executing them, and finally, analyzing the data (that's what we engineers do best, I guess!). I am super excited, a little nervous and a little overwhelmed, but hopefully everything will work out just fine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While all this great job stuff was happening...something else was also happening...something not so exciting. My Grandpa Merv passed away Sunday night, only about an hour after I got home. It was something we all knew was happening, but it just seemed like the end went so quick. Heather a

D-blog Day 2009

Welcome to November, National Diabetes Awareness Month. I recently read a forum on where someone posed a question that every Diabetic thinks about (including this one :-)) frequently, "What would you do if you could have one day without Diabetes?" While there are several obvious answers (eat a crap-load of candy comes to mind), there are some not-so-obvious answers. Here are some of my thoughts... I think if I could have one day without Diabetes I would... ... have a huge IHOP breakfast complete with sugar topped french toast, plenty of OJ and maybe some eggs, but those are optional.... ... go to the beach, Diabetes-speaking naked, and be proud of my unbruised thighs and soft, capable-of-feeling fingers, and play in the water without hesitation not only unequipped of D-devices, but totally equipped with confidence and spontaneity... ...wear a cute dress, one that can't handle hiding an insulin pump... ...walk around without a purse, fr
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