Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quick Update...

So, I know its been awhile. But, I've been a little busy with school and such...

Countdown to Graduation:

74 Days

3 Vibration Analysis Tests + 1 Final + tons of homework + 7 more labs

A few Entrepreneurship papers (but those are super easy :-)!!!!) and tests...

2 Senior Design Presentations

2 Rocket Propulsion Tests + 1 Rocket Propulsion Project + tons of homework

10 more weeks of Bellchoir Rehearsals

17 Bellchoir Performances

12 hours of NASA outreach to complete

3 more Parish Council meetings

1 Career Fair (this week...pray I get a job!)

1 NASA UAV to complete

ugh...yes, its a lot of stuff...and I'm probably forgetting some stuff...but this is the stuff I'm anxious about!