Sunday, August 30, 2009

April's Website Recommendation for: The simplest display of space-related information

Ok. I've been thinking about/working on my senior design project way too long...for a Saturday.

Therefore I thought I would share a website with my faithful readers.

The site is simply:

And in fact, it tells you in a very straight-forward, no strings attached manner, exactly how many people are in space right now. No, I am not kidding, seriously, check it out RIGHT NOW! It will only take like 1 second and you can totally impress your friends with your ever-knowing knowledge of exactly how many human beings are in space!

PS: Isn't this picture awesome?! I just think it is so crazy to think about all those stars and galaxies and quasars and pulsars and black big they are and how far apart they are and how tiny a picture like this makes me feel!