Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A New Years blog (finally!)

New year, new blog post [finally]!

I was just telling Chris the other night how much I miss blogging - the truth is, I have dozens of drafts waiting to be published but something just keeps holding me back. I want every word on this little site to be perfect even if only 3 people read it (hi mom!). But...alas...perfection is a long way off for this mama. This year I want my mind to be open, to embrace imperfection, to stress less about the struggles and be extra present in the little moments.

Little moments like these:

Bundling up for the freezing Texas temps in a vain effort to save the Hibiscus tree and insulate the banana trees. Zara enjoyed waddling around the yard and ripping off her mittens just so she could ask me to help her get them back on. I was just praying Chris would hurry up so we could all get back inside and cuddle by the warm fire.

And even though my to-do list feels too-long right now, these little moments remind me to slow down, the Christmas tree can wait, the thank you cards can wait, the dishes and laundry and cleaning can all wait. When I'm on my death bed I'm not going to regret my lack of cleaning, but I will yearn for more time with her, and with my (growing!) little family!

Happy New Year friends - may all your resolutions be sustained, wishes granted, and prayers answered!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Warp Drive

Last weekend, the starship "Expedition" (read: Ford, Expedition) set out on a course to chart the newly discovered Gamma quadrant (read: New Orleans) and planned shore leave for Captain Chris's birthday! Lieutenant Zara (chief of security) happily tagged along, enjoying the sounds and the tastes! Commander April (ship's counselor) loved seeing the unique architecture and watching Captain Chris experience his high performance birthday present!
A spontaneous marching band parade captured Lieutenant Zara's attention, and, in true New Orleans fashion, she was chosen for a set of "beads" (no flashing required ;-). 

The left picture is titled "Lambo-baby" around these parts. Captain Chris was so dang proud
seeing her in the bonnet of a supercar!

New Orleans is about a six hour drive from Houston, and thankfully Zara snoozed most of the way there and back. I had my first taste of the famous "beignet" (yummmm), and Chris hopped in the driver's seat of a Lamborghini and Ferrari. It was a fun 36 hour-or-so trip!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stunnin' 'til the weekend

Babies and phasers - live long and prosper

Can we just take a minute to bask in Thursday afternoon? Especially when "Thursday" is really "Friday" and it's a long weekend? It's sunny and breezy outside, I don't have to cook any meals for at least 36 hours, and Chris is finally getting his birthday present (more on that in future post!). I had an amazing time checking out the James Webb Space Telescope today (another future post) and my baby is learning to use a phaser (ok, actually it's just the dog's hairbrush, workwithme!).

This week I was struck by this quote, "When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower" (Alexander den Heijer). So true. I'm still learning to go easy on myself, to be kind, to be part of the positive environment where my little Zara flower can grow. She is so much of the environment around me - the good part...the good good part. When those self doubt thoughts creep in, her squeaky giggles push them out of the way. When my mind starts racing about my to-do list, she buzzes her lips and waits for me to return the gesture. She's crazy and silly and sweet and careful; Chris and I are so thankful she is part of our little environment - helping us to bloom.